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Personalised Learning

Lessons are tailored for students that require to work at their own pace and learning is adapted to their specific needs. Interactive material is used to achieve this goal.

Groups - up to 5 students

Enables an interactive approach to learning, effective for students who require a social environment in order to develop their spontaneity in English.

Preparation for Certificates

Extensive preparation for exams like ECCE, FCE, ECPE, CPE, IELTS, TOPEIC, etc. Tutorials outlining specific techniques required for successful results are included.

University Preparation

Support and guidance for students applying to universities abroad. Includes applications, personal statements, motivation letters, CVs, and so on.

Employee Groups for Companies

English made easy in the workplace

Our online and self-study materials provide learners with the necessary skills to improve their English and their application of the language in the workplace and real-life situations.

Candidates will have unlimited access to materials, including real-life content and vocabulary and grammar exercises in order to develop their communication skills and performance in English.

English made easy with videos

Short online educational videos explain grammar rules in a simple and effective way, providing easy tips for remembering them. They are perfect for beginners as well as advanced learners.

Through the virtual platform, learners will have unlimited access to our videos for both revision purposes and to enrich their learning experience..

Online Educational Videos

Interactive Games

English made easy with interactive games

By playing fun online interactive games through an enjoyable virtual platform, young learners will practice their vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking skills.

This allows the learner to relax, build self-esteem and confidence which will substantially improve their performance.

How is English made easy?

Keep in touch with your English through our drop-in Authentic Material classes on our new, user-friendly platform. Improve your skills through custom-made lessons on:

current affairs articles - songs - poetry - literature readings - films  - plays - TedTalks - YouTube videos

Authentic Material, Custom Made Lessons

French made easy

French made easy through our user friendly on line platform.

As a foreign language, French is demanding, both grammatically and syntactically.

Our team offers personalized learning dependent on the student’s needs and expectations. A similar process applies to teenagers and adults. We all have our own way of learning.

Join our Greek as a Foreign Language classes

- Are you a professional relocating to Greece?
- Do you visit Greece often and would like to be able to communicate with the locals?
- Are you of Greek descent and would like to delve into your ancestors’ language and culture?

Greek Made Easy

IELTS Preparation

Whether you are seeking university entrance, employment or moving to a country where English is the native language, e-amanda will equip you with the skills necessary to reach your desired goal with lessons which are tailored to meet your specific requirements through a powerful innovative web tool.


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