English in the Workplace

Developing English Skills in the workplace

The scope of these lessons is to improve communicational skills in the working environment while at the same time boost career development. It will help job seekers and young professionals with the English they require. This includes those searching and applying for jobs, preparing for and taking interviews, those starting their new jobs and those working within an environment that English competency is a prerequisite. Workplace English programs help employees with language barriers to maximize their contribution in the workplace through improved communications. The Workplace English program is built on the premise that employees become more motivated if their learning experience correlates to immediate life application.

In this program the English learning activities are centered on the employees’ specific job functions.

Focus is given in building workplace vocabulary, conversational practice is centered on relevant industry topics, and the mix of literacy skills practiced is tailored to the skills most necessary for the environment in the employee’s current workplace.

Benefits for the company

Ultimately, the program builds employee confidence, increase employee satisfaction while at the same time Increase productivity since employees will be able to communicate more effectively.
Further, the elimination of language misunderstandings is evident hence maximize employee performance

Material used

The course focuses on aspects of English for the workplace. The curriculum includes watching videos and recordings of real life situations in a professional level. That is, taking interviews, meeting and or collaborating with colleagues, and so on.

Further, focus is also placed on improving vocabulary and grammar as well as providing useful tips in an effort to improve English in the Workplace.

As you progress through the various topics, you’ll learn plenty of business English vocabulary and workplace English expressions that you can use at work and when applying for jobs.

Throughout the course, you’ll be asked to share your opinions, ideas and questions with other learners. The best way to get the most out of the course is to be prepared to join in and share your experiences.

Topics covered

Jobs: (talking about your job, likes and dislikes, applying for a jobs, meeting and collaborating with colleagues, making suggestions and engage in agreeing and disagreeing situations)

Interviews: (preparing for job interviews, language tips, techniques, talking about work and life experience, skills and qualifications)


Intermediate Level: Designed for candidates who already have skills allowing them to interact quite fluently in English. The lessons emphasise on grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction aiming to provide the learner the ability to construct written works.

Advance Level: For upper intermediate English users. Students in these lessons analyse topics such as cultural, environmental, and of general knowledge topics. Emphasis is placed on pronunciation, language development. In this course group discussions are encouraged in order to practice skills and share experiences.

Lesson specifications

On line lesson in a digital classroom with a tutor. The lesson is conducted like it would have in a traditional classroom.

Allows for individual development since the lessons are usually 1:1 or up to 5 people. Hence, students work at their own pace.

Our experienced tutor will examine some of the language used and draw your attention to useful points to improve your English in workplace contexts.

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