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How can on line games benefit learners?

By playing fun online interactive games through an enjoyable virtual platform, young learners will practice their vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking skills.

This allows the learner to relax, build self-esteem and confidence which will substantially improve their performance.

This form of learning encourages interaction within the lesson as well as contribution of knowledge. Sharing and commenting on content are two very important ways of communication. When this is combined with games, the lesson is more fun and enjoyable as well effective for the learner.

Learning and development benefits

Studies have shown that interactive games help learners improve reading skills with of course the support of teachers. It is a great tool to help children learn in a more engaging way.

Games that require strategy and problem solving require learners to remember a lot of information. Repetition of these type of games improves short and long term memory and as a consequence helps the brain process information quicker.

Further, on line games help young learners stay focused on certain tasks which essentially builds their perseverance to achieve goals.

Games that require learners to find items calls for attention to detail and quick responses. These type of games help children develop their multi-tasking skills.
All the above skills are transferable to real life situations while the interaction when connected with people from around the world is a brilliant way to learn about different perspectives and cultures.

Social benefits

Online interactive games when played in groups nurture relationships through shared moments and evidently improve social skills. Further, for those learners who have disabilities, it can be a way for them to share, socialise and make friends if they are restricted.

In addition, team work is promoted and they learn to take on roles and practice negotiating skills. Collaboration is a great way of learning as it builds confidence in a person.

It is important to note, that group interactive gaming helps learners manage their emotions and also encourages kind behaviour compassion support and empathy.

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